Vitamin C Moist Mask 1 pc
Vitamin C Moist Mask 1 pc
Vitamin C Moist Mask 1 pc
Vitamin C Moist Mask 1 pc
Vitamin C Moist Mask 1 pc
Esedo Korea

Vitamin C Moist Mask 1 pc

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ESEDO Korea Vitamin C Moist Mask

Dermatologist tested

For a more beautifully fair complexion. A concentrated deep whitening emulsion essence, scientifically Enriched with highly purified natural raw materials. Its network-essence type organization improves absorption nutrient and moisture to the skin. An extra deep whitening formula brings you an obvious skin whitening effect.

(Vitamin C contained richly in orange)

Creates beautiful skin, provides dry skin with moisture, making your skin moisturized.

The orange extract richly containing vitamin c and various kinds of vitamins is effective to make the dark skin which has lost vigor get healthy and beautiful.


  • Clean your face.
  • Get rid of the white layer.
  • Apply the mask on your face, and then get rid of the blue layer.
  • Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes then take off the mask.

Taking into account skin turnover period of 4 weeks. It is most effective to use the product continuously for 4 weeks. (One mouth concentrated skin management program).

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