Silk Soften Repair Mask 1 pc
Silk Soften Repair Mask 1 pc
Silk Soften Repair Mask 1 pc
Silk Soften Repair Mask 1 pc
Silk Soften Repair Mask 1 pc
Esedo Korea

Silk Soften Repair Mask 1 pc

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ESEDO Korea Silk Soften Repair Mask

Dermatologist tested

For a more beautifully fair complexion. A concentrated deep whitening emulsion essence, scientifically Enriched with highly purified natural raw materials. Its network-essence type organization improves absorption nutrient and moisture to the skin. An extra deep whitening formula brings you an obvious skin whitening effect.

(Contains caviar repairing essence richly)

The repairing ingredients extracted from one of the biggest delicacies in the world-Chinese sturgeon larvae contains vitamins and proteins richly, and replenishes your skin with moisture and nutrients, and prevents skin from drying to make your skin smooth and moisturized.

Repairing ingredients like caviar or chitosan give your skin sufficient elasticity and nutrition and keep your skin that can easily turn rough shinier and healthier. Use of the cellulose mask sheet with silky touch fitting even your fine wrinkles aids intensive care and delivers the efficacy of the high-concentrated essence more mildly.


  • Clean your face.
  • Get rid of the white layer.
  • Apply the mask on your face, and then get rid of the blue layer.
  • Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes then take off the mask.

Taking into account skin turnover period of 4 weeks. It is most effective to use the product continuously for 4 weeks. (One mouth concentrated skin management program).

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