Purifying cleansing foaming gel
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Purifying cleansing foaming gel

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Purifying cleansing foaming gel (rediscover the uniformity)

Specific for impure and blemish-prone skin

The purifying cleansing foaming gel is formulated with dermo-purifying and lenitive sulphurous geothermal water and non-aggressive cleansing base, SLES and soap free, then perfect even for all those epidermal types associated with imperfections issues and with added problems of sensibility. It deeply cleanses the skin thanks to the developing of a generous and sufficiently persistent foam, which helps in an active way the treatment of seborrheic and acne-prone skin from several fronts: it promotes the removal of superficial dead cells, reduces the obstruction of the follicles and prevents the formation of pustules and black spots. A special mix of antibacterial and slightly keratolytic actives (zinc salt + eco-responsible version of salicylic acid) limits, with continuous use, the proliferation of possible infectious sources. Moreover, the presence in the formula of a wise combination of compensatory ingredients (oligoelements, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin and a nut extract) adds restoring properties that do not generate unpleasant feeling of “tightness” on the skin after rinsing: it is, therefore, suitable for all age ranges of impure skin, including those that belong to this category but are no longer young and that more and more often present issues of enlarged pores, sebaceous alterations and appearance of imperfections.



Use the purifying cleansing foaming gel on wetted face skin developing a soft foam and rinse well. Avoid eye contact. Complete always with the active anti-imperfections treatment of the same line.

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