Effervescent geothermal minerals 1 pc
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Effervescent geothermal minerals 1 pc

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Effervescent geothermal minerals 

The effervescent geothermal minerals contain natural salts with a high concentration of oligoelements that donate to bath a high wealth of micro-substances essential for a healthy skin, allowing it to benefit from a real revitalizing effect. Once dissolved in the bath, they create, through an intense effervescence, an ideal saline solution that develops, during the bath, an optimal osmotic epidermal effect to facilitate the recall of subcutaneous fluids to the surface, thus stimulating the capillary and lymph microcirculation and decreasing consequently the sense of heaviness. These effervescent geothermal minerals enhance microcirculation, they are ideal for an invigorating bath, giving the skin a real boost of energy. Besides, they have a revitalizing effect: to benefit completely of their properties it is advisable to use them in the morning, to dynamize the start of a busy day, or after work, to eliminate fatigue of the day and recharge for an important evening. At the end of the bath, in addition, the salts absorbed by skin, will have conferred it a particularly soft and relaxed touch.


Dissolve one or two effervescent geothermal minerals in the water of the bath tub and then immerse. The optimal effect is obtained with a fresh bath, at skin temperature (36-37 ° C), which increases the tonic effect on the tissues, but they maintain unchanged all their properties even in the presence of warmer water. After the bath, moisturize, nourish and treat your body with the usual product, depending on the individual requirements: new density stretch marks cream to attenuate the presence of stretch marks; anti-cellulite geothermal cream, for a targeted focus on cellulite; breast firming cream, to tone the décolleté.
Also ideal for the hydro-massage tub.

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