Active oxygen treatment
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Active oxygen treatment

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Active oxygen treatment

The active oxygen treatment, sulphurous geothermal water based and with micro-encapsulated active oxygen, has a detoxifying effect and is formulated to accomplish 2 main goals: to detoxify the skin from free radicals and urban environment and to “relaunch” its youth giving the skin cells the optimal energy to become more radiant. Conceived to all effects as an evolved cosmetic product of the latest generation, it gives an immediate surprise for the very first moment: in fact, after the application, its highly innovative texture begins its transformation, creating on the skin a delightful effervescent mousse thanks to a natural mechanism. This "foam" has prodigious purifying and re-energizing properties and it takes just 5 minutes to end the effervescence and, during this time, it favors the elimination of toxins and helps to rediscover the intense original brightness of the complexion. This surprising, mutable and transversal active oxygen treatment, is suitable for young and mature skin types, and is perfect against signs of fatigue caused by urban exposures and unbridled rhythms. In formula, it makes use of active oxygen, which is micro-encapsulated in gel: high-tech emulsion also used in the bio-medical field as an active oxygen carrier. It specifically stimulates the production of collagen and increases skin oxygen levels, awakening freshness on the skin and an extraordinary radiant complexion. The active oxygen treatment is an ultra-effective periodic gesture to: detoxify deeply the skin from accumulation of free radicals, pollution and urban environment; to relaunch the mechanisms of a healthy skin, giving it back the characteristics of a younger skin such as elasticity and smoothness from the very first applications; to bring freshness to the skin surface, attenuating visibly the presence of irregular pores and uneven skin grain; to minimize traces of skin fatigue with a burst of energy and re-oxygenation; to revive the dull complexion. Immediately, intense sensorial well-being given by the special texture that turns into foam; with use, an extraordinarily revived skin. Detoxified and regenerated, the skin has a wonderful radiance and touch. Perfect for seasonal changes, during intense and stressful periods or as an essential “recharge” for the skin, which is exposed to a daily assault of pollutants. Specific detox treatment suitable for all skin types and specific for skins of all ages that show signs of fatigue, dull skin and uneven skin texture. 



Sulphureous Geothermal Water, Oxygen Encapsulated Gel, Vitamin E, Vegetable Glycerin.


Dispense 5 or 6 pumps onto the hand and apply a homogeneous layer over the entire face; the product will start its transformation creating a uniform and very pleasant mousse; let the active oxygen treatment act for about 3-5 minutes, until the perception of "effervescence" disappears and then massage with large gestures to make the active ingredients penetrate well; finally rinse thoroughly. Complete with the silky day cream.
Periodic treatment: 1-2 times a week.



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